Can I Transfer My Website Hosting to Another Provider?

At Free Business Website Design the websites we offer are done so on a package basis with the website design being free and a low fixed price to cover domain registration and website hosting.

As such, we can only provide our website designs on the basis that we provide the website hosting and domain registration for your website.

The reason for this is twofold…

  1. The websites we design are heavily dependent on dedicated code and database systems, and the time involved in migrating a site from our servers (which we fully understand) to a server platform we may not be familiar with, would take a considerable amount of time, and as such we would have to charge this to our clients, which would likely be much most expensive than the hosting service we offer as standard.
  2. Secondly, we are a business and as such have to make money, and as we do not charge for the website designs themselves, we can only make money from the hosting and domain registration. As we buy these services in bulk, we can charge less than it would cost an individual business to buy the same services and thus make a profit, but unfortunately, we have to stipulate that we can only provide website designs where we do the hosting.

So to summarise, unfortunately we cannot transfer a client site to be hosted on a 3rd party web hosting company.

Please note, if you ever wish to transfer your domain to a 3rd party domain registration company, this is not a problem and it can either be done if you wish to have a new website designed by another designer, or if you simply wish to have full control over the domain name. The company we use to register domains 123-Reg charges £12 to transfer domains to other domain registration companies. If after your domain is registered by us, you wish us to transfer it to another domain registration company, unfortunately, we will have to pass this charge onto you. But we are just charging at cost, and money whatsoever is earned by us in doing this. Alternatively, if you wish to transfer your domain to your own 123-Reg account (which is free to setup), there is NO CHARGE for doing so.

If you wish for us to host your website, but you to hold your domain name, this is possible in most cases, but please contact us to discuss as there are some technicalities involved dependent on the domain registration company used.