What Do You Get For Your Money



We charge just £120 per year for our website services, this includes ALL of the following…

  • FREE Website Design with a wide choice of Styles and Colour Schemes, plus…
    • Creation of your initial website including it’s homepage, 3 content pages of your choice and a contact page with an enquiry form
    • Please note, for web designs this is the hardest part, and unlike DIY services who offer similar services to us, our professional UK based designers do all the setup of your website for you. So you have a live, professionally built website ready to build on.
  • Registration of a .co.uk domain name (a domain name is essential for all websites)
  • Website Hosting for your website (web hosting is essential for all websites)
  • Simple online admin system to allow you to…
    • Update the text and images on your website pages.
    • Add new pages to your website including; standard pages, blog pages, photo gallery pages, portfolio pages and more.
  • This means you can grow your website yourself to whatever size you like, big or small, and include features which if done by a web design company would cost £1000s.

Please note, many website hosting companies charge more than £120 per year for just domain name registration and website hosting, that is without any website design included at all.