Why Are You Called Free Business Website Design?

We are called Free Business Website Design for one simple reason.

All the website designs we create for our clients are totally FREE!

This is because when any business has a website there are 3 elements related to the existence of a website which are 100% essential and which in almost all cases incur costs.

These are…

  1. The Purchase of Website Design and Build
  2. The Purchase of a Domain Name
  3. The Purchase of Website Hosting

Normally the 1st of these elements is the most costly with website designs costing anything from £100 to £10,000 depending on the style and functionality required.

The last 2 elements cost much less, but like road tax and insurance for a car, needs to be paid every year for as long as you keep the car.   Depending on who is charging you (either a web hosting company or a website designer)  the combined cost of domain name registration and website hosting cost £70 to £150 per annum.

At Free Business Website Design we charge NOTHING for the website design itself, and just £60 per annum for the registration of a .co.uk domain name and website hosting. That’s just £5 per month or less than 17p a day!

In this way we both offer totally free website design which saves you £100 or more, and domain name registration and website hosting at a price which is less than most companies charge for the same services.

So whichever way you look at it our website design service IS FREE, TOTALLY FREE!