Why Bigger is Better?

As with many things in life bigger is usually better.

With websites there is no exception. When we design website for you, our standard package includes the creation of a 2 page website including a homepage and a contact page which includes both contact information for your business and an enquiry form.

This size of website is ideal for most small businesses, but for larger or growing businesses it is best to increase the size of your website so that all the products and/or services your business offers are well represented. This is best done by adding extra pages to your website each representing one product, product type or service. This way Google and the other search engines will see you have dedicate contents on your site for each area of your business. In this way, when a potential client searches for one of your business areas on Google, the relevant page will be shown for your website rather than just a generic homepage.

Unlike most web design companies, we give YOU the opportunity and tools to add extra pages to your website, YOURSELF, and in this way you can add any number of pages onto your website without any charge whatsoever.

This pages can include all kinds of styles and contents including…

  • Standard web pages just including text and photos.
  • Fully functional Blog pages.
  • Photo Gallery pages.
  • Portfolio pages.

If for any reason you would not like to add such extra pages to your site yourself, we can do this on your behalf for a modest charge.

Please contact us for more details if you are have any queries regarding these features or update services.