Why is our offer really FREE?


Firstly, as well as the creation of an actual website design, for a website to be seen online it needs two things…

  • A domain name such as mydomain.co.uk
  • Website hosting (or a kind of online computer which will hold your website code and graphics)

Together with the website design (which in effect is a load of computer code, databases and graphics), makes a live website.

At Free Business Website Design, we offer both the website design, domain name and website hosting for the low price of £50 per annum.

So for comparison, let’s compare our standard package with one of the biggest website hosting and domain name registration companies in the UK (123-Reg.co.uk).

Free Business Website Design




Our standard offer includes…

123-Reg offers the following on their lowest level package which would support the kind of user updatable and exapdable website we offer…

  • Free Website Design & Build from a Selection of Styles
  • Ability to Update or Add to you website.
  • .co.uk Domain Name
  • Website Hosting
  • No Website Design at all, or employ a designer for £££ or DIY
  • No Update ability unless you can DIY or employ a designer
  • .co.uk Domain Name
  • Website Hosting

Our Price : £60 per annum

123-Reg Price : £71.85 per annum


So for £11.85 less than the 123-Reg price for just domain name registration and web hosting, we offer this plus FREE Website Design for your Business!